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9.6. The <button> Tag
As we described earlier, you create an action button with standard HTML
or XHTML by including its type value in the standard <input> tag. For in-
stance, the <input type=submit> form control creates a button that, when
selected by the user, tells the browser to send the form's contents to the
processing server or to an email address (the mailto option). Display-
wise, you don't have any direct control over what that submit button
looks like, beyond changing the default label "Submit" to some other
word or short phrase (e.g., "Hit me" or "Outta here!").
First introduced in the HTML 4.0 standard, the <button> tag acts the same
as <input> , but it gives you more control over how the browser displays
the element. In particular, all of the attributes you might use with the
<input type=button> element are acceptable with the <button> tag.
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