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The first line of the transmission defines the delimiter that appears be-
fore each section of the document. It always consists of 30 dashes and
a long random number that distinguishes it from other text that might
appear in actual field values.
The next lines contain the header fields for the first section. There is
always a Content-Disposition field indicating that the section contains
form data and providing the name of the form element whose value is in
this section. You may see other header fields; in particular, some file-se-
lection fields include a Content-Type header field that indicates the type
of data contained in the file being transmitted.
After the headers, there is a single blank line followed by the actual
value of the field on one or more lines. The section concludes with a re-
peat of the delimiter line that started the transmission. Another section
follows immediately, and the pattern repeats until all of the form para-
meters have been transmitted. The end of the transmission is indicated
by an extra two dashes at the end of the last delimiter line.
As we pointed out earlier, use multipart/form-data encoding only when
your form contains a file-selection field. Here's an example of how the
transmission of a file-selection field might look:
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="thefile"; filename="test"
Content-Type: text/plain
First line of the file
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