HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a form
accept , action , charset , class , dir , enctype ,
id , lang , method , name , onClick , onDblClick ,
onKeyDown , onKeyPress , onKeyUp , onMouseDown ,
onMouseMove , onMouseOut , onMouseOver ,
onMouseUp , onReset , onSubmit , style , target ,
End tag
</form> ; never omitted
Used in
Browsers flow the special form elements into the containing paragraphs
as though they were small images embedded into the text. There aren't
any special layout rules for form elements, so you need to use other ele-
ments, such as tables and stylesheets, to control the placement of ele-
ments within the text flow.
You must define at least two special form attributes, which provide the
name of the form's processing server and the method by which the para-
meters are to be sent to the server. A third, optional attribute lets you
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