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and use it like any other HTML or XHTML tag:
Quat harvest projections are <span class=bigger>bigger than ever</span>!
Similarly, apply an inline style to the <span> tag to modify the appear-
ance of its contents:
Quat harvest projections are <span style="font-size: larger">bigger than ever</span>!
Like any other physical or content-based style tag, <span> tags can be
nested and may contain other tags.
The <span> tag also supports the many common tag attributes. The style
and class attributes, of course, let you control the display style; the
id and title tag attributes let you uniquely label its contents; the dir
and lang attributes let you specify its native language; and the many
on -event attributes let you react to user-initiated mouse and keyboard
actions on the contents. Not all are implemented by the currently popu-
lar browsers for this tag or for many others. [ The dir attribute, ]
[ The lang attribute, ] [ The id attribute, ] [ The title attrib-
ute, ] [ Inline Styles: The style Attribute, 8.1.1 ] [ Style Classes,
8.3 ] [ JavaScript Event Handlers, 12.3.3 ]
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