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In lieu of a URL representing the background sound, you can use the
value none . This lets you silence all background sounds, such as one or
more playing from parent elements, while the current element is being
spoken. Spatial positioning
While a rendered document exists on a two-dimensional page, spoken
content can be placed anywhere in the three-dimensional space sur-
rounding the listener. The CSS2 standard defines the azimuth and elev-
ation properties so that you can place spoken content from elements in
different places around the listener. azimuth relates to where and eleva-
tion tells how far above or below the sound appears to the listener.
The azimuth property accepts either an angle value or keywords indic-
ating a position around the listener. The position directly in front of the
listener is defined to be 0 degrees. The listener's right is at 90 degrees,
and directly behind is 180 degrees. The listener's left is at 270 degrees
or, equivalently, -90 degrees.
Position keywords include a base position, possibly modified by the be-
hind keyword. These keywords correspond to the angular positions lis-
ted in Table 8-2 .
Table 8-2. Angular equivalents for azimuth keywords
Angular posi-
Angular position when used with be-
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