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•This is a bulleted
with an "outside" marker
The value inside causes the marker to be drawn with the list item flow-
ing around it, much like a floating image:
•This is a bulleted list
with an "inside" marker
Notice that the second line of text is not indented but instead lines up
with the left edge of the marker.
The current versions of the popular browsers fully support the list-
style-position property. The list-style-type property
The list-style-type property serves double duty in a sense, determin-
ing how a styles-conscious browser renders both ordered and unordered
list items. The property has the same effect as the type attribute on a
list item. [ The type attribute, ]
When applied to items within an unordered list, the list-style-type
property uses one of four values disc, circle, square , or none and marks
the unordered list items with a corresponding dingbat. The default value
of a level-1 list item is disc , although browsers change that default de-
pending on the nesting level of the list.
When applied to items within an ordered list, the list-style-type prop-
erty uses one of six values decimal, lower-roman, upper-roman, lower-al-
pha, upper-alpha , or none corresponding to the item numbers expressed
as decimal values, lowercase Roman numerals, uppercase Roman nu-
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