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er defined by the list-style-type property (see section , later in
this chapter).
HTML/XHTML authors use the list-style-image property to define cus-
tom bullets for their unordered lists. While you conceivably could use
any image as a bullet, we recommend that you keep your marker GIF
or JPEG images small, to ensure attractively rendered lists.
For example, by placing the desired bullet image in the file mybullet.gif
on your server, you could use that image:
li {list-style-image: url(pics/mybullet.gif); list-style-type: square}
In this case, the browser uses the image if it is able to successfully
download mybullet.gif . Otherwise, the browser uses a conventional
square bullet.
All the popular browsers support the list-style-image property, as
shown in Figure 8-18 .
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