HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Number of
Affected border(s), margin(s), or padding
The first value sets top and bottom ; the second value sets
left and right .
The first value sets top ; the second sets both left and
right ; the third value sets bottom .
The first value sets top ; the second sets right ; the third
sets bottom ; the fourth value sets left .
4 The border-width property
The border-width property lets you change the width of the border. Like
the border-color property, it accepts from one to four values that are
applied to the various borders in a similar manner (refer to Table 8-1 ).
Besides a specific length value, you may also specify the width of a bor-
der as one of the keywords thin, medium , or thick . The default value, if
the width is not explicitly set, is medium . Some typical border widths are:
border: 1px
border: thin thick medium
border: thick 2mm
The first example sets all four borders to exactly 1 pixel. The second
makes the top border thin , the right and left borders thick , and the bot-
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