HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The word-spacing property
Use the word-spacing property to add space between words within a tag.
You can specify a length value, or use the keyword normal to revert to
normal word spacing. For example:
h3 {word-spacing: 25px}
places an additional 25 pixels of space between words in the <h3> tag.
All the currently popular browsers support the word-spacing property.
8.4.7. Box Properties
The CSS2 model assumes that HTML and XHTML elements always fit
within rectangular boxes. Using the properties defined in this section,
you can control the size, appearance, and position of the boxes contain-
ing the elements in your documents. The CSS2 formatting model
Each element in a document fits into a rectangular space or box. The
CSS2 authors call this box the core content area and surround it with
three more boxes: the padding, the border, and the margin. Figure 8-14
shows these boxes and defines some useful terminology.
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