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Unfortunately, we can't show you any of these effects, because none of
the popular browsers supports this property. The text-transform property
The text-TRansform property lets you automatically convert portions or
all of your document's text into uppercase or lowercase lettering. Ac-
ceptable values are capitalize, uppercase, lowercase , and none .
capitalize renders the first letter of each word in the text into upper-
case, even if the source document's text is in lowercase. The uppercase
and lowercase values respectively render all the text in the correspond-
ing case. none , of course, cancels any transformations. For example:
h1 {text-transform: uppercase}
formats all the letters in level-1 headers, presumably titles, in uppercase
text, whereas:
h2 {text-transform: capitalize}
makes sure that each word in level-2 headers begins with a capital let-
ter, a convention that might be appropriate for section heads, for in-
Note that while uppercase and lowercase affect the entire text, capitalize
affects only the first letter of each word in the text. Consequently, trans-
forming the word "htMl" with capitalize generates "HtMl."
All the popular browsers support the text-TRansform property.
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