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blink . The value none is the default, which tells the styles-conscious
browser to present text normally.
The text-decoration property is handy for defining different link appear-
a:visited, a:link, a:active {text-decoration: underline overline}
This puts lines above and below the links in your document.
This text property is not inherited, and nontextual elements are not af-
fected by the text-decoration property.
Interestingly, all the popular browsers support the text-decoration prop-
erty, but only Internet Explorer has the good taste not to support its
blink value. The text-indent property
Although less common today, it is still standard practice to indent the
first line of a paragraph of text. [*] And some text blocks, such as defini-
tions, typically "out-dent" the first line, creating what is called a hanging
indent .
[*] But not, obviously, in this topic.
The CSS2 text-indent property lets you apply these features to any
block tag and thereby control the amount of indentation of the first line
of the block. Use length and percentage values: negative values create
the hanging indent, and percentage values compute the indentation as
a percentage of the parent element's width. The default value is 0.
To indent all the paragraphs in your document, for example, you could
p {text-indent: 3em}
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