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makes all level-2 header text italic. Netscape 4 supported only the it-
alic value for font-style ; all current browsers support both values, al-
though it is usually difficult to distinguish italic from oblique. The font-variant property
Use the font-variant property to display text in small capitals. The de-
fault value for this property is normal , indicating the conventional version
of the font. Otherwise, give the property the value small-caps to select
a version of the font in which the lowercase letters have been replaced
with small capital letters.
All the current browsers support this property. Internet Explorer ver-
sions 4 and 5 incorrectly displayed small-caps as all uppercase letters. The font-weight property
The font-weight property controls the weight or boldness of the letter-
ing. The default value of this property is normal . You may specify bold
to obtain a bold version of a font or use the relative bolder and lighter
values to obtain a version of the font that is bolder or lighter than the
parent element's font.
To specify varying levels of lightness or boldness, set the value to a mul-
tiple of 100, between the values 100 (lightest) and 900 (boldest). The
value 400 is equal to the normal version of the font, and 700 is the same
as specifying bold .
The current browsers fully support this property.
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