HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
All of the following are valid length values, although the current styles-
conscious browsers do not recognize all units:
250px Percentage property values
Similar to the relative length property value type, a percentage value
describes a proportion relative to some other aspect of the content. It
has an optional sign, meaning it may be added to or subtracted from
the current value for that property, and optional decimal portion to its
numeric value. Percentage values have the percent sign ( % ) suffix. For
line-height: 120%
computes the separation between lines to be 120 percent of the current
line height (usually relative to the text font height). Note that this value
is not dynamic: changes made to the font height after the rule has been
processed by the browser do not affect the computed line height. URL property values
Some properties also accept, if not expect, a URL value. The syntax for
a CSS2 URL property value is different from that in HTML/XHTML:
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