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Figure 8-5. The first-child pseudoclass in action
Finally, the CSS2 standard defines a new pseudoclass that lets you se-
lect an element based on its language. For instance, you might include
the lang=fr attribute in a <div> tag to instruct the browser that the divi-
sion contains French language text. The browser may specially treat the
text. Or, you may impose a specific style with the pseudoclass :lang . For
div:lang(it) {font-family: Roman}
says that text in divisions of a document that contain the Italian lan-
guage should use the Roman font family. Appropriate, don't you think?
Notice that you specify the language in parentheses immediately after
the lang keyword. Use the same two-letter International Organization
for Standardization (ISO) standard code for the pseudoclass :lang as
you do for the lang attribute. [ The lang attribute, ] Browser support of pseudoclasses
None of the popular browsers supports the :lang or :focus pseudoclass
yet. All the current popular browsers support the :link, :active, :hov-
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