HTML and CSS Reference
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the network, you can store it anywhere, reuse it often, and even use
others' stylesheets.
For example, suppose we create a file named gen_styles.css containing
the following style rule:
h1 {color: blue; font-style: italic}
For each and every one of the documents in our collections, we can tell
the browser to read the contents of the gen_styles.css file, which in turn
colors all the <h1> tag contents blue and renders the text in italic. Of
course, that is true only if the user's machine is capable of these style
tricks, she's using a styles-conscious browser, and the style isn't over-
ridden by a document-level or inline style definition.
You can load external stylesheets into your document in two different
ways: by linking them or by importing them. Linked external stylesheets
One way to load an external stylesheet is to use the <link> tag within
the <head> of your document:
<title>Style linked</title>
<link rel=stylesheet type="text/css"
title="The blues">
<h1>I'm so bluuuuoooo!</h1>
<h1> I am ba-loooooo, tooooo!</h1>
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