HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a definition list term
class, dir, id, lang, onClick, onDblClick,
onKeyDown, onKeyPress, onKeyUp,
onMouseDown, onMouseMove, onMouseOut,
onMouseOver, onMouseUp, style, title
End tag
</dd> ; may be omitted in HTML
Used in
The content that follows the <dd> tag may be any HTML or XHTML con-
struct, including other lists, block text, and multimedia elements. Al-
though treating it otherwise identically as conventional content, browsers
typically indent definition list ( <dd> ) definitions. Because the start of an-
other term and definition ( <dt> ) or the required end tag of the definition
( </dl> ) unambiguously terminates the preceding definition, the </dd> end
tag is not needed, and its absence makes your source text more read-
able. However, once again, XHTML insists that the end tag appear in your
documents, so you may as well get used to adding </dd> to your docu-
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