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numbered nested ordered lists in some rational, consecutive manner;
e.g., the items in the second nest of the third main ordered list might
be successively numbered "3.2.1," "3.2.2," "3.2.3," and so on.
With the type and value attributes, however, you do have a lot more
latitude in how you create nested ordered lists. An excellent example is
the traditional style for outlining, which uses the many different ways of
numbering items offered by the type attribute (see Figure 7-7 ):
<ol type="A">
<li>A History of Kumquats
<ol type="1">
<li>Early History
<ol type="a">
<li>The Fossil Record</li>
<li>Kumquats: The Missing Link?</li>
<li>Mayan Use of Kumquats</li>
<li>Kumquats in the New World</li>
<li>Future Use of Kumquats</li>
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