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7.4. Nesting Lists
Except when placed inside directories or menus, lists nested inside other
lists are fine. You can embed menu and directory lists within other lists.
Indents for each nested list are cumulative, so do not nest lists too
deeply; the list contents could quickly turn into a thin ribbon of text flush
against the right edge of the browser document window.
7.4.1. Nested Unordered Lists
The items in each nested unordered list may be preceded by a different
bullet character at the discretion of the browser. For example, Internet
Explorer displays an alternating series of hollow, solid circular, and
square bullets for the various nests in the following source fragment, as
shown in Figure 7-6 :
<li>Morning Kumquat Delicacies
<li>Hot Dishes
<li>Kumquat omelet</li>
<li>Kumquat waffles
<li>Country style</li>
<li>Cold Dishes
<li>Kumquats and cornflakes</li>
<li>Pickled Kumquats</li>
<li>Diced Kumquats</li>
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