HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The value attribute
The value attribute changes the numbers of a specific list item and all
of the list items that follow it. Because the ordered list is the only type
with sequentially numbered items, the value attribute is valid only when
used within an <li> tag inside an ordered list.
To change the current and subsequent numbers attached to each item
in an ordered list, simply set the value attribute to an integer. The fol-
lowing source uses the value attribute to jump the numbering on items
in an XHTML ordered list, and gets rendered by modern browsers as
shown in Figure 7-5 :
<li>Item number 1</li>
<li>And the second</li>
<li value=9> Jump to number 9</li>
<li>And continue with 10...</li>
Figure 7-5. The value attribute lets you change
individual item numbers in an ordered list
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