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changing the type for an individual item in an ordered list has on subse-
quent items, as rendered from the following XHTML source:
<li type=A>Changing the numbering type</li>
<li type=I>Uppercase Roman numerals</li>
<li type=i>Lowercase Roman numerals</li>
<li type=1>Plain ol' numbers</li>
<li type=a>Doesn't alter the order.</li>
<li> &lt;-- But, although numbering continues sequentially,</li>
<li> types don't persist. See? I should've been a "g"!</li>
Figure 7-4. Changing the numbering style for each item
in an ordered list
You can use the stylesheet-related style and class attributes to affect
individual type changes in ordered and unordered lists that may or may
not affect subsequent list items. See Chapter 8 for details (particularly
section ).
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