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As the Web evolves, expect to see more and more uses of the <link>
tag to define document relationships explicitly. Other <link> attributes
The HTML 4 and XHTML standards also include the ubiquitous collection
of attributes related to stylesheets and user events, and language for
the <link> tag. You can refer to the corresponding section describing
these attributes for the <a> tag for a complete description of their usage.
[ <a>, 6.3.1 ]
Because you put the <link> tag in the <head> section, whose contents
are not displayed, it may seem that these attributes are useless. It is
entirely possible that some future browser may find some way to display
the <link> information to the user, possibly as a navigation bar or a set
of hot-list selections. In those cases, the display and rendering informa-
tion would prove useful. Currently, no browser provides these capabilit-
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