HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The rel and rev attributes
The rel and rev attributes express the relationship between the source
and target documents. The rel attribute specifies the relationship from
the source document to the target; the rev attribute specifies the rela-
tionship from the target document to the source document. Both attrib-
utes can be included in a single <link> tag.
The value of either attribute is a space-separated list of relationships.
The actual relationship names are not specified by the HTML standard,
although some have come into common usage. For example, a docu-
ment that is part of a sequence of documents might use:
<link href="part-14.html" rel=next rev=prev>
when referencing the next document in the series. The relationship from
the source to the target is that of moving to the next document; the re-
verse relationship is that of moving to the previous document. The title attribute
The title attribute lets you specify the title of the document to which
you are linking. This attribute is useful when referencing a resource that
does not have a title, such as an image or a non-HTML document. In this
case, the browser might use the <link> title when displaying the refer-
enced document. For example:
<link href="pics/kumquat.gif"
title="A photograph of the Noble Fruit">
tells the browser to use the indicated title when displaying the referen-
ced image.
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