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In-Depth Information The prompt attribute
The browser provides a leading prompt just above or to the left of the
user-entry field. Internet Explorer's default prompt has even changed
over the years. Version 5, for example, used "This is a searchable index.
Enter search keywords:". Figure 6-8 shows the new one with version 6's
prompt. That default prompt is not the best for all occasions, so it is
possible to change it with the prompt attribute.
When added to the <isindex> tag, the value of the prompt attribute is the
string of text that precedes the keyword entry field the browser places
in the document.
For example, compare Figure 6-8 with Figure 6-9 , in which we added
the following prompt to the previous source example:
<isindex prompt="To learn more about kumquats, enter a keyword:">
Figure 6-9. The prompt attribute creates custom
prompts in searchable documents
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