HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The name attribute
The value of the name attribute in the <map> tag is the name used by the
usemap attribute in an <img> or <object> tag to locate the image-map spe-
cification. The name must be unique and not used by another <map> in
the document, but more than one image map may reference the same
<map> specifications. [ The ismap and usemap attributes, ] The class, id, style, and title attributes
The stylesheet display-related style and class attributes for the <map>
tag are useful only when the <map> tag contains conventional content, in
which case they apply to the content of the tag. [ Inline Styles: The style
Attribute, 8.1.1 ] [ Style Classes, 8.3 ]
The id and title attributes, on the other hand, are straightforward.
They are standard ways to respectively label the tag for later reference
by a hyperlink or program or to title the section for later review. [ The id
attribute, ] [ The title attribute, ] The event attributes
The various event attributes allow you to assign JavaScript handlers to
events that may occur within the confines of the map. [ JavaScript Event
Handlers, 12.3.3 ]
6.5.4. The <area> Tag
The guts of a client-side image map are the <area> tags within the map
segment. These <area> tags define each mouse-sensitive region and the
action the browser should take if the user selects it in an associated
client-side image map.
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