HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
document's readers can't tell at a glance what relationship a link has
with the current document, you've failed. Use cute images for links spar-
ingly, consistently, and only in ways that help readers scan your doc-
ument for important information and leads. Also, be ever mindful that
your pages may be read by someone from nearly anywhere on Earth
(perhaps beyond, even) and that images do not translate consistently
across cultural boundaries. (Ever hear what the "OK" hand sign common
in the United States means to a Japanese person?)
Creating consistent iconography for a collection of pages is a daunting
task that you really should perform with the assistance of someone
formally schooled in visual design. Trust us, the kind of mind that pro-
duces nifty code and writes XHTML well is rarely suited to creating beau-
tiful, compelling imagery. Find a good visual designer; your pages and
readers will benefit immeasurably.
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