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The value of either the rel or rev attribute is a space-separated list of
relationships. The actual relationship names and their meanings are up
to you: they are not formally addressed by the HTML or XHTML stand-
ards. For example, a document that is part of a sequence of documents
might include its relationship in a link:
<a href="part-14.html" rel=next rev=prev>
The relationship from the source to the target is that of moving to the
next document; the reverse relationship is that of moving to the previ-
ous document.
These document relationships are also used in the <link> tag in the doc-
ument <head> . The <link> tag establishes the relationship without actu-
ally creating a link to the target document; the <a> tag creates the link
and imbues it with the relationship attributes. [ <link>, 6.7.2 ]
Commonly used document relationships include:
Links to the next document in a collection
Links to the previous document in a collection
Links to the top-level document in a collection
Links to a collection's table of contents
Links to the document above the source
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