HTML and CSS Reference
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Notice that the browser specially renders the phrase "growing season",
letting the user know that it is a link to another document. Users usually
have the option to set their own text color for the link and have the color
change when a link is taken; blue initially and then red after it has been
selected at least once, for instance. More complex anchors might include
<li><a href="pruning_tips.html">
<img src="pics/new.gif" align=center>
New pruning tips!</a>
<li><a href="xhistory.html">
<img src="pics/new2.gif" align=center>
Kumquats throughout history</a>
Most graphical browsers such as Internet Explorer, but not Opera for
some reason, place a special border around images that are part of an
anchor, as shown in Figure 6-2 . Remove that hyperlink border with the
border=0 attribute and value within the <img> tag for the image. [ The
border attribute, ]
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