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6.2.11. The gopher URL
Gopher is a web-like document-retrieval system that achieved some
popularity on the Internet just before the Web took off, making gopher
obsolete. Some gopher servers still exist, though, and the gopher URL
lets you access gopher documents.
The gopher URL has the form:
gopher:// server : port / path The gopher server and port
The gopher server and port are defined similarly to the http server
and port, described previously. The server must be the Internet domain
name or IP address of a gopher server; the port is the port on which
that server is listening for requests.
If the port and its preceding colon are omitted, the default port of 70 is
used. The gopher path
The gopher path can take one of three forms:
type / selectortype / selector %09 searchtype / selector %09 search %09 gopherplus
The type is a single character value denoting the type of the gopher re-
source. If the entire path is omitted from the gopher URL, the type de-
faults to 1.
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