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This URL actually references the resource named compute on the server and passes the string 3/4 to it, as delineated
by the question mark ( ? ). Presumably, the resource is a server-side pro-
gram that performs some arithmetic function on the passed value and
returns a result.
Unsafe characters are those that have no special meaning within the
URL but may have a special meaning in the context in which the URL is
written. For example, double quotes ( "" ) delimit URL attribute values in
tags. If you were to include a double quotation mark directly in a URL,
you would probably confuse the browser. Instead, you should encode
the double quotation mark as %22 to avoid any possible conflict.
Table 6-1 shows other reserved and unsafe characters that should al-
ways be encoded.
Table 6-1. Reserved and unsafe characters and their URL
Reserved %3B
Reserved %2F
Question mark
Reserved %3F
Reserved %3A
At sign
Reserved %40
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