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While it is generally a good idea to ensure that the height attribute is
large enough to contain the enclosed text, it is not uncommon to speci-
fy a width that is smaller than the enclosed text. In this case, the text
scrolls the smaller marquee area, resulting in a kind of "viewport" mar-
quee familiar to most people. The hspace and vspace attributes
The hspace and vspace attributes let you create some space between
the marquee and the surrounding text. This usually makes the marquee
stand out from the text around it.
Both attributes require an integer value specifying the space needed in
pixels. The hspace attribute creates space to the left and right of the
marquee; the vspace attribute creates space above and below the mar-
quee. To create 10 pixels of space all the way around your marquee, for
example, use:
<marquee vspace=10 hspace=10> The scrollamount and scrolldelay attributes
These attributes control the speed and smoothness of the scrolling mar-
The scrollamount attribute value is the number of pixels needed to move
text each successive movement during the scrolling process. Lower val-
ues mean smoother but slower scrolling; higher numbers create faster,
jerkier text motion.
The scrolldelay attribute lets you set the number of milliseconds to wait
between successive movements during the scrolling process. The smal-
ler this value, the faster the scrolling.
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