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intervening periods and spaces for the "trailer"; you can't append one
marquee to another.
Also, the slide style of scrolling looks jerky when repeated and should
be scrolled only once. Other scrolling behaviors work well with repeated
scrolling. The bgcolor attribute
The bgcolor attribute lets you change the background color of the mar-
quee area. It accepts either an RGB color value or one of the standard
color names. See Appendix G for a full discussion of both color-specific-
ation methods.
To create a marquee area whose color is yellow, you would write:
<marquee bgcolor=yellow> The height and width attributes
The height and width attributes determine the size of the marquee area.
If not specified, the marquee area extends all the way across the display
and will be just high enough to enclose the marquee text.
Both attributes accept either a numeric value, indicating an absolute
size in pixels, or a percentage, indicating the size as a percentage of the
browser window height and width.
For example, to create a marquee that is 50 pixels tall and occupies
one-third of the display window width, use:
<marquee height=50 width="33%">
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