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This value causes the marquee to start empty. Text then scrolls in
from one side (controlled by the direction attribute), stops when it
reaches the other side, and remains onscreen.
This value causes the marquee to start with the text fully visible at
one end of the marquee area. The text then scrolls until it reaches
the other end, whereupon it reverses direction and scrolls back to
its starting point.
If you do not specify a marquee behavior , the default behavior is scroll .
The direction attribute sets the direction for marquee text scrolling.
Acceptable values are either left (the default) or right . Note that the
starting end for the scrolling is opposite to the direction: left means
that the text starts at the right of the marquee and scrolls to the left.
Remember also that rightward-scrolling text is counter-intuitive to any-
one who reads left to right.
The loop attribute determines how many times the marquee text scrolls.
If an integer value is provided, the scrolling action is repeated that many
times. If the value is infinite , the scrolling repeats until the user moves
on to another document within the browser.
Putting some of these attributes together:
<marquee align=center loop=infinite>
Kumquats aren't filling
.......... Taste great, too!
The example message starts at the right side of the display window (de-
fault), scrolls leftward all the way across and off the display, and then
starts over again until the user moves on to another page. Notice the
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