HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The align attribute
The popular browsers place <marquee> text into the surrounding body
content just as if it were an embedded image. As a result, you can align
the marquee within the surrounding text.
The align attribute accepts a value of top , middle , or bottom , meaning
that the specified point of the marquee will be aligned with the corres-
ponding point in the surrounding text. Thus:
<marquee align=top>
aligns the top of the marquee area with the top of the surrounding text.
Also see the height , width , hspace , and vspace attributes (later in this
chapter), which control the dimensions of the marquee. The behavior, direction, and loop attributes
Together, these three attributes control the style, direction, and dura-
tion of the scrolling in your marquee.
The behavior attribute accepts three values:
scroll (default)
This value causes the marquee to act like the grand marquee in
Times Square: the marquee area is initially empty; the text then
scrolls in from one side (controlled by the direction attribute), con-
tinues across until it reaches the other side of the marquee, and
then scrolls off until the marquee is once again empty.
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