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5.4.2. Alternative Audio Support
There are other ways to include audio in your documents, using more
general mechanisms that support other embedded media as well. The
most common alternative to the <bgsound> tag is the <embed> tag, origin-
ally implemented by Netscape and supplanted by the <object> tag in the
HTML 4 and XHTML standards. Take a look in Chapter 12 for details.
Ultimately, you should handle all background audio, including spoken
(aural) document content, using the various audio extensions defined
in a CSS standard. While we cover the speech synthesis-related exten-
sions in Chapter 8 , they are not yet supported by any browser. When
such support becomes widely available, all of these early audio exten-
sions will go the way of the <blink> and <isindex> tags, early specialized
tags deprecated in favor of more generalized and powerful features.
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