HTML and CSS Reference
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The value of the leftmargin attribute is the integer number of pixels for
that left-margin indent; a value of 10 is the default. The margin is filled
with the background color or image.
For example, Internet Explorer renders the following text justified
against a margin 50 pixels away from the left edge of the browser win-
dow (see Figure 5-24 ):
Figure 5-24. The leftmargin attribute for indenting body
<body leftmargin=50>
Modern browsers lets you indent the<br>
&lt;left margin<br>
away from the left edge of the window.
</body> The topmargin attribute
Like leftmargin , the topmargin attribute extension used to be exclusive
to Internet Explorer, but now all the popular browsers support it well.
You may include it in the <body> tag to set a margin of space at the top
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