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For example, our by-now-infamous intro.avi movie will play once when
its host HTML document is loaded by the Internet Explorer user and
again whenever he passes the mouse over the movie's viewport:
<img dynsrc="movies/intro.avi" start="fileopen,mouseover" src="pics/mvstill.gif"> Combining movie <img> attributes
Treat Internet Explorer inline movies as you would any image, mixing
and matching the various movie-specific as well as the standard and ex-
tended <img> tag attributes and values supported by the browser. For
example, you might align the movie (or its image alternative, if dis-
played by another browser) to the right of the browser window:
<img dynsrc="movies/intro.avi" src="pics/mvstill.gif" align=right>
Combining attributes to achieve a special effect is good. We also recom-
mend that you combine attributes to give control to the user, when ap-
As we stated earlier in section , by combining attributes, you can
also delay playback until the user passes the mouse over its viewport.
Magically, the movie comes alive and plays continuously:
<img dynsrc="movies/magic.avi" start=mouseover loop=infinite src="pics/magic.gif">
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