HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 5-15. Running text between left- and
right-aligned images
<img src="pics/kumquat.gif" align=left>
<img src="pics/tree.gif" align=right>
The kumquat is the smallest of the citrus fruits, similar in appearance to a
tiny orange. The similarity ends with its appearance, however. While oranges
are generally sweet, kumquats are extremely bitter. Theirs is an acquired taste,
to be sure.
While text is flowing around an image, the left (or right) margin of the
page is temporarily redefined to be adjacent to the image as opposed
to the edge of the page. Subsequent images with the same alignment
will stack up against each other. The following source fragment achieves
that staggered image effect:
<img src="pics/marcia.gif" align=left>
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