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Use the top or middle alignment value for best integration of icons, ding-
bats, or other special inline effects with the text content. Otherwise,
align=bottom (the default) usually gives the best appearance. When
aligning one or more images on a single line, select the alignment that
gives the best overall appearance to your document. Wrapping text around images
The left and right image-alignment values tell the browser to place an
image against the left or right margin, respectively, of the current text
flow. The browser then renders subsequent document content in the re-
maining portion of the flow adjacent to the image. The net result is that
the document content following the image gets wrapped around the im-
<img src="pics/kumquat.gif" align=left>
The kumquat is the smallest of the citrus fruits, similar in appearance to a
tiny orange. The similarity ends with its appearance, however. While oranges
are generally
sweet, kumquats are extremely bitter. Theirs is an acquired taste, to be sure.
Figure 5-14 shows text flow around a left-aligned image.
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