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text, texttop and top have the same effect. Opera does not support
texttop , whereas the other popular browsers treat it identically as
Originally introduced by Internet Explorer, the center image align-
ment value gets treated by Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Fire-
fox exactly the same as they individually treat middle , which, as
you may recall, differs among the browsers. Opera, on the other
hand, ignores align=center altogether.
If you set the align attribute of the <img> tag to absmiddle , the
browser will fit the absolute middle of the image to the absolute
middle of the current line. This is different from the common middle
and center options, which align the middle of the image with the
baseline of the current line of text (the bottom of the charac-
ters). Though Netscape and Opera do not distinguish absmiddle
from middle alignments, Firefox and Internet Explorer use it to dif-
ferentially align images from their middle valuesin other words,
Firefox and Internet Explorer's absmiddle alignment is the same as
Netscape's middle .
bottom and baseline (default)
The bottom and baseline image-alignment values have the same
effect as if you didn't include any alignment attribute at all: the
browsers align the bottom of the image in the same horizontal
plane as the baseline of the text. This is not to be confused with
absbottom , which takes into account letter descenders . (Did we see
a hand up in the audience?)
The align=absbottom attribute-value pair tells the browser to align
the bottom of the image with the true bottom of the current line
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