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The align attribute is deprecated in HTML 4 and XHTML because you can
achieve its effects with appropriate use of stylesheets. The color attribute
Supported by Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator versions 7 and
8, but not other popular browsers such as Opera, the color attribute lets
you set the color of the rule line. The value of this attribute is either the
name of a color or a hexadecimal triplet that defines a specific color. For
a complete list of color names and values, see Appendix G .
By default, a rule is set to the same color as the document background,
with the chiseled edges slightly darker and lighter than the background
color. You lose the 3D effect when you specify another color, either in a
stylesheet or with the color attribute. Combining rule attributes
You may combine the various rule attributes; their order isn't important.
To create big rectangles, for example, combine the size and width at-
tributes (see Figure 5-6 ):
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