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Function Breaks text flow and inserts a horizontal rule
align , class , color , dir , id , lang , noshade ,
onClick , onDblClick , onKeyDown , onKeyPress ,
onKeyUp , onMouseDown , onMouseMove , onMouseOut ,
onMouseOver , onMouseUp , size , style , title ,
End tag
None in HTML; </hr> or <hr ... /> in XHTML
Contains Nothing
Used in
The browser decides how to render a horizontal rule. Typically, the rule
extends across the entire document. Graphical browsers also may render
it with a chiseled or embossed effect; character-based browsers most
likely use dashes or underscores to create the rule.
There is no additional space above or below a horizontal rule. If you want
to set it off from the surrounding text, you must explicitly place the rule
in a new paragraph, followed by another paragraph containing the sub-
sequent text. For example, note the spacing around the horizontal rules
in the following HTML source and in Figure 5-1 :
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