HTML and CSS Reference
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Note that specifying size=+1 or size=-1 is identical in effect to using the
<big> and <small> tags, respectively. However, nested relative changes
to the font size are not cumulative, as they are for the alternative tags.
Each <font> tag is relative to the base font size, not the current font
size. For example (see Figure 4-25 ):
The ghost moaned, "oo<font size=+1>oo<font size=+2>oo<font
Figure 4-25. Relative font sizes accumulate
Contrast this with the <big> and <small> tags, which increase or de-
crease the font size one level for each nesting of the tags. [ The <big>
Tag, 4.5.2 ] The color attribute
Still supported by the popular browsers, the color attribute for the
<font> tag sets the color of the enclosed text. The value of the attribute
may be expressed in either of two ways: as the red, green, and blue
(RGB) components of the desired color, or as a standard color name.
Enclosing quotes are recommended but not required.
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