HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Defines the base font size for relative font-
size changes
Attributes color , face , id , name , size
End tag
</basefont> ; often omitted in HTML
Contains Nothing
Used in
block , head_content
The <basefont> tag recognizes the size attribute, whose value determines
the document's base font size. You may specify it as an absolute value,
from 1 to 7, or as a relative value (by placing a plus or minus sign before
the value). In the latter case, the base font size is increased or decreased
by that relative amount. The default base font size is 3.
Internet Explorer supports two additional attributes for the <basefont>
tag: color and name . HTML 4 also defines the face attribute as a synonym
for the name attribute. These attributes control the color and typeface
used for the text in a document and are used just like the analogous col-
or and face attributes for the <font> tag, described in the next section.
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