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snippet of code by using the character's entity name. The second
demonstrates how to include a greater-than sign in your text by refer-
encing its Latin-1 numeric value:
[*] The popular ASCII character set is a subset of the more comprehensive Latin-1 character set. Com-
posed by the well-respected International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Latin-1 set is a
list of all letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and so on, commonly used by Western-language writers,
organized by number and encoded with special names. Appendix F contains the complete Latin-1
character set and encoding.
if a > b, then t = 0
if a > b, then t = 0
Both examples cause the text to be rendered as follows:
if a > b, then t = 0
The complete set of character entity values and names appears in Ap-
pendix F . You could write an entire document using character encodings,
but that would be silly.
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