HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines an address
class , dir , id , lang , onClick , onDblClick ,
onKeyDown , onKeyPress , onKeyUp , onMouseDown ,
onMouseMove , onMouseOut , onMouseOver ,
onMouseUp , style , title
End tag
</address> ; never omitted
Used in
The text within the <address> tag may contain any element normally
found in the body of a document, excluding another <address> tag. Style
changes are allowed, but they may conflict with the style the browser
chose to render the <address> element.
We think that most, if not all, documents should have their authors' ad-
dresses included somewhere convenient to the user, usually at the end.
At the very least, the address should be the author or webmaster's email
address, along with a link to their home page. Street addresses and
phone numbers are optional; personal ones usually are not included, for
privacy reasons.
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