HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Renders a block of text without any format-
Attributes class , style
End tag
</xmp> ; never omitted
Used in
The <xmp> tag formats text just like the <pre> tag with a specified width of
80 characters. However, unlike the <pre> tag, you don't have to replace
the literal < , > , and & characters with their entity equivalents within an
<xmp> block. The name <xmp> is short for "example"; the language's de-
signers intended that the tag be used to format examples of text origin-
ally displayed on 80-column-wide displays. Because the 80-column dis-
play has mostly gone the way of green screens and teletypes and the
effect of an <xmp> tag is basically the same as <pre width=80> , don't use
<xmp> ; it may disappear in subsequent versions of HTML.
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