HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Centers a section of text
align , class , dir , id , lang , onClick ,
onDblClick , onKeyDown , onKeyPress , onKeyUp ,
onMouseDown , onMouseMove , onMouseOut ,
onMouseOver , onMouseUp , style , title
End tag
</center> ; never omitted
Used in
Line by line is a common, albeit primitive, way to center text, and
it should be used judiciously; browsers do not attempt to balance a
centered paragraph or other block-related elements, such as elements
in a list, so keep your centered text short and sweet. Titles make good
centering candidates; a centered list usually is difficult to follow. HTML
authors commonly use <center> to center a table or image in the display
window, too. There is no explicit center alignment option for inline im-
ages or tables, but there are ways to achieve the effect using stylesheets.
Because users will have varying window widths, display resolutions, and
so on, you may also want to employ the <nobr> and <wbr> extension tags
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