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You also may assign a unique ID to the <pre> tag, as well as a less
rigorous title, using the respective attribute and accompanying quote-
enclosed string value. [ The id attribute, ] [ The title attribute, ] Event attributes
As with most other tagged segments of content, user-related events
can happen in and around <pre> content, such as when a user clicks or
double-clicks within its display space. Current browsers recognize many
of these events. With the respective on attribute and value, you may re-
act to those events by displaying a user dialog box or activating some
multimedia event. [ JavaScript Event Handlers, 12.3.3 ]
4.6.6. The <center> Tag (Deprecated)
The <center> tag is another one with obvious effects: its contents, in-
cluding text, graphics, tables, and so on, are centered horizontally inside
the browser's window. For text, this means that each line gets centered
after the text flow is filled and wrapped. The <center> alignment remains
in effect until it is canceled with its </center> end tag.
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