HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4-18. Use the <pre> tag to preserve the integrity
of columns and rows Allowable content
The text within a <pre> segment may contain physical and content-
based style changes, along with anchors, images, and horizontal rules.
When possible, the browser should honor style changes, within the con-
straint of using a monospaced font for the entire <pre> block. Tags that
cause a paragraph break (heading, <p> , and <address> tags, for ex-
ample) must not be used within the <pre> block. Some browsers will in-
terpret paragraph-ending tags as simple line breaks, but this behavior
is not consistent across all browsers.
Style markup and other tags are allowed in a <pre> block, so you must
use entity equivalents for the literal characters: &lt; for < , &gt; for > ,
and &amp; for & .
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