HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a potential line-break point if needed
Attributes None
None in HTML; </wbr> or <wbr ... /> in
End tag
Contains Nothing
Used in
Now, <wbr> may seem incredibly esoteric to you, but scowl not. There
may come a time when you want to make sure portions of your document
appear on a single line, but you don't want to overrun the browser win-
dow margins so far that readers will have to camp on the horizontal scroll
bar just to read your fine prose. By inserting the <wbr> tag at appropriate
points in the nonbreaking sequence, you let the browser gently break the
text into more manageable lines:
This is a very long sequence of text that is
forced to be on a single line, even if doing so causes
the browser to extend the document window beyond the
size of the viewing pane and the poor user must scroll right
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